Wednesday, June 26, 2013

park day (in the rain)

We dog sat on Monday and decided to take Scooter the Boston Terrier to Wright Park in Tacoma.  Wright Park is a beautiful place full of rolling grassy hills, a fun new playground and spray park, botanical conservatory (admission charged) and plenty of good food (coffee, burgers, froyo) within walking distance.  Next to Point Defiance, I'd say this is my favorite T-Town park to spend an afternoon.

In was a nice warm afternoon when we started at the playground, but started raining hard and we decided to dash/meander from shelter to shelter under each towering green tree all the way back to the car.  The squirrels found it very exciting to watch.

The rain let up and the afternoon finished with a bowl of frozen yogurt (serves mostly as candy topping delivery) at Gibson's across the street.  It was then that the sun made it's reappearance, in typical Northwest fashion.  :)

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